The story of a long journey

1. How the idea was born
Chutney, Hindi: चटनी is a thick sauce that has its roots in Indian cuisine.
The chutney itself is derived from the word chatna, which literally means “lick” and is meant to reflect the unique flavor that the sauce triggers in our mouths.
2. First steps
My aunt used to say “Good guests bring wine, cheese, and chutney”, every time she would pack her homemade jar of chutney for us to take back home. That statement still holds true. A good jar of chutney can make all the difference to any dining experience.
3. This is how unique flavors were created El Chutney
We started our business with a simple belief, that you can realize your
greatest vision while being mindful of the planet. Using leftover tomato peels as filling and recycled cardboard packaging, we ensure our product is environmentally friendly, and our carbon footprint is minimal.
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